Staff Recognition

Ben Hatfield Award

Morgan Spicer

Morgan Spicer

Ben Hatfield was the first director of SW Resources and this award is given to a client who embodies the mission of SW Resources and is in honor of Ben Hatfield and his commitment to working with individuals with disabilities.  The Award this year goes to Morgan Spicer.  Morgan is being honored with this award because he believes in the potential of every person.  Morgan is proud to describe the obstacles he has overcome to get to the point his is in his life today.  Morgan started at SW Resources working on the production floor doing packaging and assembly  Through hard work and determination, Morgan has been able to improve his skills.  He learned how to complete various clerical tasks and payroll duties and now works as the payroll clerk for SW Resources.  Morgan is truly an asset to SW Resources, congratulations.

Gateway to the Community Award

Shaun Jordan

Shaun Jordan

The Gateway to the Community Award is given to an individual who began their career at SW Resources and is now working in the community, accepted their disability, understand the importance of striving to do their best and exhibits strong work ethics in which failure is not an option.  This year we awarded this honor to Shaun Jordan.  Shaun is now working at Wal-Mart as a customer and fitting room representative.  He gives 100% to his work and takes pride in what he does.  His case manager says that Shaun was willing to make sacrifices and work hard to achieve the goal of finding employment.  He is a role model for individuals with disabilities and shows others that you can do anything you set your mind to if you are willing to work hard.

Robert Nutter Award

Ryan Schifflett

Ryan Schifflett

The Robert Nutter Award is given to a client employee who began their career with SW Resources through a referral from the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services.  This year’s Robert Nutter Award is given to Ryan Schifflett.  Ryan started as a production worker and has been promoted to lead worker for our Dimex and Liberty Distributing contracts.  He also was trained and became certified as a fork truck driver.  Ryan has overcome many obstacles to get to the place he is today, and has not allowed his past to dictate his future.  He has persevered through whatever trials stood in his way.  We are proud of his progress and accomplishments.  Congratulations Ryan on a job well done!

Bud Burdette Award

Chesley Wilson

Chesley Wilson

 The Bud Burdette Award is given to a client employee working on an off-site contract who has shown exemplary work habits and ethics.  This year we recognize Chesley Wilson with the Bud Burdette Award because he has shown that he is an exemplary employee.  His supervisor says that he is reliable and dependable.  Chesley is the kind of employee that you know you can count on no matter what is going on.  He is responsible and goes above and beyond to make sure his job is completed.  Chesley is also a great team worker.  He is always willing to help his fellow coworkers.  Thank you Chesley for a job well done!

Gary Hellberg Award

Rocky Nichols

Rocky Nichols

Rocky Nichols is honored with this year’s Gary Hellberg Award.  This award is named after Gary Hellberg, a lifelong employee of SW Resources.  The award is given to an employee of SW Resources who exhibits some of the same attributes that Gary Hellberg did.  This year’s recipient, Rocky Nichols, is known at SW Resources for his kindness, smile and positive attitude.  He completes every job with enthusiasm and pride.  Recently Rocky was asked to complete a job and his response was, “that’s what I’m here for; anything to help.”  This kind of response is typical of Rocky.  He always want to do his best and help get the job done.  Congratulations Rocky on winning this year’s Gary Hellberg Award. 

Staff of the Year Award

Donna Coyle

Donna Coyle

The Staff of the Year Award is an award that celebrates the member of our staff that embodies the mission of SW Resources and puts 110% effort into their job at all times. Donna Coyle truly embodies that role.  Donna is more than a supervisor to her crew, she is also a mentor.  The buildings that Donna and her team are responsible for are consistently up to par and have received compliments on their performance from the head of the State Office building.  Donna is known not only for her great sense of humor but for her listening ear and her willingness to help her crew.  She also pushes her crew to be the best at whatever  job they are doing.  Congratulations Donna on a job well done!

S.H.I.P. Safety Award

Alex Engle

Alex Engle

The S.H.I.P. (Safety and Health in Place) Award is given to an employee who has shown great initiative in upholding the safety standards of SW Resources. This year, the S.H.I.P. Safety Award is given to Alex Engle. Alex works tirelessly to ensure that SW Resources is a safe work environment for everyone. Alex can be seen doing safety inspections and making sure that we are meeting State and Federal safety regulations. He also is integral in making sure that the day to day maintenance is completed so that the facility remains maintained and safe. An example of this is, Alex often will get up before anyone else when it snows to make sure that SW Resources’ parking lots and sidewalks are clean and safe for our employees. Thank you Alex for all your hard work!

Volunteer of the Year Award

Jonelle Merritt

Jonelle Merritt

This award celebrates individuals who generously volunteer their time and services to SW Resources. The 2015 Volunteer of the Year is given to Jonelle Merritt. Jonelle Merritt has been volunteering with SW Resources for years through the annual “Harvest of Opportunities” Benefit Auction and the SW Resources Golf Classic. Jonelle is truly a leader. She assembled numerous volunteers each year for the benefit of SW Resources. Jonelle is organized and driven, but most of all she is compassionate. It is her compassion towards the mission of SW Resources that makes her our Volunteer of the Year. Without volunteer leaders like Jonelle Merritt the many services SW Resources offers would not be able to continue. SW Resources relies on the generosity of volunteers like Jonelle to continue to assist us so that we can continue our vocational rehabilitation services and employment services to individuals with disabilities.

Community Awards

United Way

The mission of the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley is to unite communities, contributors, and human service agencies in a common goal to improve the quality of life in the greater Mid-Ohio Valley area. The support and funding that SW Resources receives from their partnership with the United Way is crucial for us to continue to improve the quality of life for the individuals we serve. SW Resources would like to honor the United Way for the invaluable support they provide to us and the rest of the community.

Worthington Nursing Home

Worthington Nursing Home is honored with the Community Award because they continue working with SW Resources to provide employment and volunteer opportunities to SW Resources client employees. SW Resources was able to provide work assessments and job coaching at Worthington Nursing Home, which eventually resulted in four permanent jobs for SW Resources employees.

Yellow Taxi of Parkersburg

Yellow Taxi of Parkersburg is being honored with the Community Award because not only are they a valued customer, they are also a strong advocate for SW Resources.  Yellow Taxi has been using SW Graphics since 2009 and has highly recommended the service to other people since then.  In this year alone. Scot Heckert has referred 10 new customers to SW Graphics,  This amount of loyalty is invaluable to SW Resources.  In addition to their customer loyalty Yellow Taxi of Parkersburg has been a great resource for us.  In the past, when we have struggled to find transportation for some of our individuals, Yellow Taxi has served as an educational resource to help solve those needs.  Thank you Yellow Taxi of Parkersburg for advocating for us.  Your compassion and kind hearts do not go unnoticed.


The Community Award honors the collaboration between other organizations and SW Resources to provide employment opportunities, training, funding, and education to the individuals we serve. One organization we would like to recognize and honor for providing much of that is Dimex. We currently employ around 50 individuals based on our long relationship with Dimex.

Make a Difference Award

Career Advantage

This award is to recognize an individual or organization for their dedication to the ideals and mission of SW Resources. This year’s recipient is Career Advantage. Career Advantage serves both in-school and out of school youth through age 24. They offer tutoring, occupational skills training, support services, paid & unpaid work experience, leadership development activities, adult mentoring, comprehensive guidance and counseling, summer employment, follow up services and alternative secondary school offerings. SW Resources has partnered with Career Advantage to assist youth with disabilities in finding employment. Without this partnership, many of the youth we have collaboratively served would not have gained the skills needed for successful employment. Thank you Career Advantage in being instrumental in changing the lives of our community’s youth!

Milestone Years of Service

April Pennell, Director of Rehabilitation

April Pennell,
Director of Rehabilitation
5 Years of Service

Kelly Turner, SW Graphics

Kelly Turner,
SW Graphics
5 Years of Service

Joyce Boone, Print Supervisor 15 Years of Service

Joyce Boone,
Print Supervisor
15 Years of Service

Tops on the Job 2015



Michael Spicer

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Tops on The Job 2016

Ryan Schifflett

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