SW Resources has a positive vision toward the value of individuals with disabilities. Our clients are given the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the community. It is our goal to treat every business contract with the utmost care so that our client employees can continue to have jobs, develop employment skills and live their lives with pride and dignity as productive citizens. Below is just an example of the services that we offer our client employees…

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Community Based Assessment (CBA) provides individuals with significant disabilities an opportunity to explore different jobs at integrated, community work settings.
  • Work Skills Assessment provides clients with an assessment of their goals and objectives needed to obtain and maintain employment.  This evaluates work skills, behaviors, job knowledge, and social interactions related to employment.
  • Life Skills Assessment is a competency based program that assists with developing effective work behaviors, attitudes, and personal characteristics to achieve and maintain positive employment outcomes.
  • Daniel Memorial Assessment provides assessment of client specific needs related to employment, safety, life skills, activities of daily living, and functional academics.
  • Work Adjustment is a training service that enables the individual to acquire job readiness skills while performing in an actual work setting.
  • Job Coaching provides an individual with 1:1 support in the employment setting to assist with learning job skills and utilizing needed accommodations.

I/DD Waiver Services

  • Therapeutic Consultant develops training plans and provides training for person-specific needs for Title XIX I/DD Waiver individuals.
  • Behavior Support Professional Services provides expertise, training, and technical assistance in any of the following specialty areas (behavioral analysis and behavioral support,) to assist family members, caregivers, and other service providers in supporting the individual.
  • Facility Based Day Habilitation services prepare individuals for possible future employment, improve life skills and social skills needed for increased
    independence. Individuals receive classroom and community experiences to enhance their functional academics, life skills, work skills, and behavioral skills.
  • Supported Employment provides employment for an individual in the Title XIX I/DD Waiver Program with needed supports from a job coach in integrated work settings.

Extended Support Services

  • Job Development Program offers assistance with resume preparation, interview skills and job seeking with the assistance of a case manager. Individuals are assisted in finding competitive employment in community settings, receiving competitive wages. If needed, SW Resources also offers Supported Employment which provides support staff to supervise on various job sites.
  • Case Management teams individuals with a case manager that will develop and assist with implementation of an individual service plan in order to assist with reaching individual goals the client identifies. The ultimate goal will be to achieve each individual’s potential and to gain community integration. Case management includes linkage and referral, advocacy, assessment and program development.
  • Enrichment Program provides education to individuals on a variety of topics such as self-advocacy, safety, nutrition, interpersonal skills, and work skills such as gardening, basic woodworking, construction and various activities chosen weekly by the participants. This is a person-centered program which gives individuals the opportunity to participate in educational, social and recreational activities which enhance their well-being.
  • Support Groups enhance the lives of our community by increasing understanding on a variety of topics including Recovery Support Group, Parenting, and Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group.
  • Social and Recreation Activities are offered to our client employees which include picnics, parties, field trips, physical fitness opportunities and various other community integration opportunities.
  • Transportation is provided to client employees to assist with successful employment outcome.
  • Volunteer Opportunities are provided at many local businesses within our community and within SW Resources.