Assembly & Warehousing

Multi-Client Facility
With our 36,000 square foot warehouse, we are able to service multiple customers in one warehouse using our resources and personnel. Minimize your cost by only paying for the space you need. We can handle seasonal business with our flexible space, keeping our customers from paying for permanent space and equipment needed for temporary time.

Shrink wrapping provides a good solution to keeping multiple packages together, serving as a protective barrier, and lower costs associated with space, time, materials, shipping and handling.

Order Fulfillment
We can keep stock of your inventory, whether it is literature and catalog requests, product, samples, etc and package and ship these directly to your customer. Make delivery times quicker and easier and customers happier using our manpower and resources. It not only matters what is inside the package but also how the package looks. We can help you manage the fulfillment of your customer online stores, special orders, and incentive programs.

Shipping Options
We offer a variety of options for shipping your products. We work with both UPS and Fedex services as well as LTL (Less Than Load) services to provide our customers more control, decrease costs, and offer flexibility in your options.