Our Staff


Terah Klein, President/CEO – TKlein@swresources.com

April Pennell, Director of Rehabilitation – APennell@swresources.com

Robin Graham, Production Manager – RGraham@swresources.com

Amanda Long, Off-Site Manager – ALong@swresources.com

Angela Phelps, Public Relations Manager – APhelps@swresources.com


Julie Jones, Accounting Clerk – JJones@swresources.com

Amy Melrose, Receptionist – AMelrose@swresources.com

Jan Hartman, Executive Secretary – JHartman@swresources.com

Micaylah Hupp, Office Manager – MHupp@swresources.com

Graphics Department

Joy Lynch, SW Graphics Manager – JLynch@swresources.com

Dominique Hickey, Graphic Designer – DHickey@swresources.com

Jessica Green, Graphic Designer – JGreen@swresources.com

Joyce Boone, Printing Supervisor – JBoone@swresources.com

Janitorial Department

Amanda Long, Off-Site Manager – Along@swresources.com

Butch Donaway, Welcome Center Supervisor – BDonaway@swresources.com

Eric McClain, Rest Area Supervisor – EMcclain@swresources.com

Bradley Martin, Mobile Crew Supervisor – BMartin@swresources.com

Jake Ridgway, Project Manager – JRidgway@fiscal.treasury.gov

Donna Coyle, Public Debt Supervisor – DCoyle@fiscal.treasury.gov

Alex Engle, Public Debt Supervisor – A.Engle@fiscal.treasury.gov

Production Department

Robin Graham, Production Manager – RGraham@swresources.com

Gloria Kendall, Production Supervisor – GKendall@swresources.com

Bill Sullivan, Production Supervisor – BSullivan@swresources.com

Kenny Dawson, Mail Plus Supervisor – KDawson@swresources.com

Lisa Hall, Mail Plus Clerk – mailplus@swresources.com


April Pennell, Director of Rehabilitation – APennell@swresources.com

Bri Oldfield, Behavior Support Professional, – BOldfield@swresources.com

Ashley Hickman, Case Manager – AHickman@swresources.com

Josh Pritchard, Case Manager – JPritchard@swresources.com

Christina McCune, Rehabilitation Assistant – CMcCune@swresources.com


MorphoTrust, MorphoTrust USA Customer Service 1-855-766-7746

Board of Directors

Dave Emerick, Dupont – Chair

Sherri Davis, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield – Vice Chair

Jackie Pettit, Bureau of the Fiscal Service – Treasurer

Beth James, Wesbanco – Secretary

Gary Dunn, Retired

Debbie Rogers, Rogers Insurance

Sam Rogers, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Larry Fought, Warfield Realtors

Judy Sutton, Mountain State College

Cindy Heiskell, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Andrew Woofter, Retired

Rene Imler, SW Resource’s Client Parent

Andy Daniels, 3D Construction

Mary Jo Pedersen, Chemours

Rick Modesitt, RMA Presents