Marble Tree

The process or using discarded products or materials in such a manner that a new product is created that is of even higher value that the original.

Marble Tree mosaics are meticulously hand-crafted using thousands or pieces from re-purposed materials, mostly magazines. Each one is unique, taking anywhere from two weeks to a month to complete.

Using old or broken jewelry and a combination of glass beads SW Artisans create beautiful, unique pieces that are both beautiful and functional. Our most popular item is our lanyards. They are designed with magnetic clasps for breakaways and can be done in custom “team spirit” inspired colors or just beautiful, traditional colors. We also have necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and eye glass holders.

Recycled T’s
With our best friends in mind we even make a little something for your pets. Using recycled t-shirts we make dog and cat chew toys that are a hit. Purchasing these toys also enable you to give back twice. Not only are you helping to provide jobs here at SW Resources but for every one of our chew toys we sell, one is donated to the Humane Society of the area in which it is sold. A second project made from t-shirts are our beautiful rugs. These are handwoven by our artisans and a beautiful addition to any floor!